Manual Vs Electric – Which is the best option?

People have been shaving the hair off their face for hundreds of years. While almost all the razors were of the manual variety in the past, electric shavers are becoming the norm and the best choice. If you are still using a manual razor, you should know

Foil and Rotary Shavers – What’s the difference?

You may have been contemplating about switching from traditional manual wet shaving with a disposable razor to using an electric shaver. Because most men are so familiar with the manual wet shaving routine, switching to electric is like taking a big step into the unknown. There are

Can I take my electric shaver in hand luggage?

Believe it or not but this is a surprisingly common question with very little available information. Going on holiday should be a relaxing and stress free time. By talking an electric shaver with you it eliminates the morning chore of having to go through the wet shave

Why you need to replace your Shaver Blades

Did you know that over 18 months you will have shaved off an average of 6 millions hairs? That’s equal to shaving an entire football field – pretty incredible! With such a huge amount of hair we need to cut over a year, obviously shaving blades will